Be one step ahead in tracking your daily business sales with our exclusive real-time Sales Dashboard. The data is stored and secured on Cloud, making all the sales and expenses happening at your outlet accessible from anywhere. We provide consolidated reports so that you never miss out on any important information. All this can happen without changing your present system.

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The Star Features

Whether you’re an owner, chef, or caterer, Realbox is chosen
by the world’s most talented creative professionals.

Performance CardTM

See your entire sale per day, segregated into Net Sales, Taxes paid, Discounts and Complimentary items given. Know your expenses and unbilled tables in real time. Get entire transaction details formatted for effective business understanding.

Know your Best Performer

Track your shift-wise sale. Know who is generating most revenue. Compare performance of the employees and evaluate who is doing the best and where the training is required.

Drill Down Reports

When you get a report don’t just look at the overview, we will give you the capability to look into details of every business aspect and drill down to exact detail of the event.


“Being able to share our posters with friends and followers through social media is beyond important. Creating buzz is essential to driving people to our shop, it allows us to reach way more people than we could possibly reach otherwise.”

Key Focus

Better alignment with marketing, identifying trends and course correct (agility), accountability. Identify the areas where your assistance is needed most.

Convert to Cloud POS

Have a quick upgrade from regular server pos to cloud pos just with the realBox sales dashboard subscription. Keep your data secure and no need to stack physical servers.

Easy Integration

No need to buy extra device or change your POS, it easily integerates to your existing system.


Incur sales motivation, management and transparency in your business. Know exactly how the things are taking place at each level, at every moment.

Track Your Sales

View complete sales history on your app. Print daily summary and custom sales reports. Compare them and know your status.

Make Instant Offers

Modify your offers instantly based on the the sales study. Give your customer discounts based on purchase data.


Everyone on our Customer Care team is an experienced Realbox
user and works in our office. Nothing is ever outsourced.